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How to check the expiration time of business license of Chinese company

by master · 6/10/2020, 10:35:56 AM

When you consider doing business with a Chinese company, it is important to check when its business license expires. The business license shall be marked as "business term" with start and end dates. It tells you the duration of a specific license. Keep in mind that these dates do not necessarily tell you the company's current license period, or when to stop operating. Instead, the expiration date is more like the expiration date on the passport - it only applies to the current document, not the holder.

That said, if a Chinese company you are working with sends you a copy of your business license that appears to have expired (you should ask to see one), you should be suspicious. It's likely that this is an honest mistake, when they actually have the latest license, they send you the old business license (in which case you may question the organizational skills of their office staff).

However, it is more likely that their licenses have expired and that they will not be able to obtain new licenses in a timely manner. If so, you probably shouldn't be doing business with the company. Only conduct business with Chinese companies that can show you the valid business license.

Check China business license

After you request and receive a copy of the business license of a Chinese company, you need to determine the date that shows the validity period. This section will be as follows:

Find expiration date in company's public records

The next step (or first, if you do not have access to the company's business license) is to confirm when its business license expires by looking at its public registration records. This can be found in AIC (Administration for Industry and commerce, Administration for Industry and commerce, Guangzhou) in the province where the company is registered. You need to find the site and use its Chinese registration name.

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