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How to query the registration time and address of Chinese companies

by master · 6/10/2020, 11:04:13 AM

Determining when and where a Chinese company is registered is a basic step in checking whether you want to do business with a legitimate company. This simple check can be a very simple way to trigger a danger signal if:

l The company is not registered in the city or province they claim to be

l As long as they claim to be in operation, the company is not registered

l The company's registration date raises questions about their level of development

One of the difficulties in confirming a company's registration is that you need to know which province they are registered in before looking up their records. This is important if you don't want the company to know that you're studying them and looking for their records. If you're happy to let them know (which is usually the case - these checks are very normal), then you can get their business license and go there. Otherwise, you may have to do some additional research first to determine the registration location.

Ask for business license

As with many basic checks on Chinese companies, the first step is to ask for a copy of their business license. As mentioned above, you don't have to worry about getting a copy of the company's business license: it's a perfectly normal and legitimate request. We often emphasize this here, because obtaining a copy of the business license is a very simple way to quickly establish the basic facts of a company. At a minimum, if a company gives you trouble with a copy of its business license, this immediately indicates that there may be a problem.

The business license will tell you when and where the Chinese company is registered with the authorities. There are two fields on the business license for this purpose, highlighted in the following example license:

If you are not authorized to obtain the business license of a Chinese company, or want to confirm the information you display (that is, it has not been forged), you can search the public registration record of the company online.

To do this, you need to determine which province your company is registered in and visit the AIC website in that province.

Through the AIC website, you can search the company's public registration records by using the company's registered Chinese name.

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