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Will you find these warning signs on Chinese scam websites

Will you find these warning signs on Chinese scam websites?

by · 6/16/2020, 1:56:25 AM

Almost every day, we are asked to investigate a Chinese scam website, and we notice that there are some common and easy to detect features of their scams. We've listed some warning signs here, because they usually point out these problems at the first glance. Many legitimate websites of Chinese companies may have some operations here, and fraudsters may not know at all.

The purpose of this article is to share some of the things that caught our attention when we first visited the website of a Chinese company.

1、Chinese fraud websites usually do not contain Chinese characters

The easiest sign to find is the lack of Chinese characters on the website. Even if a Chinese company has a website for English visitors, the legitimate company usually displays some Chinese on the page. Common places where Chinese may be used include name, address, especially the company's official name. The company's logo or brand may also contain Chinese characters or illustrations based on Chinese characters It seems that none of these Chinese characters appear, so most real Chinese companies will also have Chinese versions of their websites or separate Chinese websites. There may be obvious links between the two. Of course, the lack of all of these can not be sure that the website is a fraud. However, in our experience, the lack of Chinese language on a Chinese company's website often indicates something is wrong.

2、Chinese name not indicated

The most critical Chinese language to look for on a real Chinese company website is its official company name. All companies in China must have a registered name in Chinese. Real Chinese companies are likely to display their official names on their websites to reassure visitors who know the importance. The name is usually displayed in Chinese characters, sometimes in pinyin Roman characters. It is usually found at the bottom of each page.

3、No business registration number is displayed, and the official Chinese name is also provided

Real Chinese companies also have business registration numbers. The company name may appear at the bottom of the page. Again, it's not a way to determine whether a website is a Chinese scam. It is highly likely that legitimate Chinese companies will not display their Chinese name or registration number.

4、No detailed physical address

Companies often display their physical addresses to ensure that potential customers know it exists and that they don't disappear soon. We do this, and many legitimate Chinese companies are no exception. The company's official address is usually displayed along with its name and registration number. If the address is written in Chinese, that's a particularly good sign. Please note, however, that fraudulent websites in China usually display forged addresses in English. They usually choose the address of a large legal company, especially in many business intensive areas. A query of these addresses usually reveals the authenticity of the company's actual existence. For example, a small supplier in China is unlikely to share office space with a large, well-known company. The result of Google's search for an address is that it doesn't exist at all.

5、There is no fixed line number

Because it has a physical address, a fixed line number is usually attractive to legitimate companies because it needs to be used. Any company that actually operates from a factory or office will have a landline phone number and will most likely display it on its website. On the other hand, landline phone numbers are not attractive to fraudsters because they are difficult to use. Although this is a clear list of warning signs, we point out here that it is actually very easy to dial the phone numbers displayed on the websites of potential Chinese scams. Try not to identify yourself on the other end, who you are, or which company you want to answer the phone from. According to our experience, it is surprising that a large number of fraudsters cheat each other, or they don't answer the phone at all, or they can clearly feel that they are not professional employees of real companies. Many people don't even realize that it may be their potential "customers" who are calling.

6、Phone number area code

Postal code and address inconsistencies can be easily detected by checking for a given phone number, area code, address and zip code. Google does some quick searches to see if there are any location mismatches. This is particularly common on mobile phones.

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