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How to check Chinese company registration information

by · 6/16/2020, 1:56:25 AM

It is very feasible to check the registration of Chinese companies, but we need to have a certain understanding of the Chinese company registration system and Chinese. We have compiled useful guidance on this check to help you complete the process.

Chinese company registration inspection only needs 3 steps

A simple registration check for a Chinese company can be divided into three steps:

1. Confirm the Chinese name of the company

2. Determine which province the company is registered in

3. Use AIC China company registration check website to find company records

We have explained each step and the knowledge involved below.

1. Confirm the Chinese name of the company

Unlike in Hong Kong and elsewhere, the registration of Companies in mainland China is entirely in Chinese - there is little, if any, detailed information in English recorded and there is no system for finding such details.

This means that the English name of a Chinese company is usually not the official name, which alone is not enough to carry out the Chinese company registration inspection.

You need to confirm the company's official Chinese name to find and verify its registration.

Unless you can read Chinese, it can be a difficult task to determine the Chinese name of the company. If you are not sure, you can simply ask the Chinese company you are dealing with to let you know.

If this seems too direct, another way is to request a copy of its business license, which lists the name next to the "name" text. See the figure below:

2. Determine which province the company is registered in

Since the end of 2016, although the new "national enterprise credit information disclosure system" allows users to search companies in the whole mainland without selecting the province where the company is registered, it seems that the information in the "national system" is updated less frequently than that recorded in each province's system.

Therefore, it is still necessary to determine the province in which the company is registered for accurate inspection. This may be a bit frustrating, but it's understandable if you think China is bigger than continental Europe and that every Chinese province is more like a country in scale.

Fortunately, it's usually easy to determine where a Chinese company is registered. Most Chinese company names begin with the location of the company. If you're lucky, this will be a province (represented by a character province) that you don't need to do anything else to recognize.

However, many Chinese companies begin with names smaller than provinces, such as cities or counties. In these cases, you must determine which of the following actions need to be performed:

l If it is a provincial municipality, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin or Chongqing, it will have its own AIC, so you have completed this step

l If this is another city (there are actually hundreds of cities in China), you need to find out the province where the city is located - Wikipedia can help you

l If it's a county, you also need to find the province where the county is located - determining the city to which the county belongs is usually the best way to achieve this goal

Once you have identified the province where the Chinese company is located, you can find its details.

3. Use AIC China company registration inspection website to find company records

Once you have the company's Chinese name and determine their province, you can find its registration details.

Your first obstacle may be to actually open AIC's Chinese company registration and inspection website, because sometimes it's troublesome to visit from overseas.

Once in, you can navigate to the province you want to check - see image below.

After selecting the necessary provinces, you can search the system for the company's name (in Chinese, of course!). You can also search using the company's registration number.

Identify the company you are looking for and browse its company information.

Note that the database contains companies that have been unregistered, so just because the company is there does not mean it is currently active

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