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How much does it cost to send someone to China for business trip?

by · 6/16/2020, 2:01:57 AM

When you purchase from China or do business with a Chinese company, one of the things you need to consider is the cost of sending someone to China. This may be an essential step in any business transaction with a Chinese company, especially if you own something made in a Chinese factory. Estimating the cost of such travel is a daunting task, so we put this breakdown together based on our experience with China Travel and operations in China.

Breakdown: cost of sending people to China

We have broken down the estimated cost of sending employees to China into different projects to make it easier to customize information for your specific situation. The cost of each project is in terms of scope and the total cost that we ultimately estimate. The cost here is for individual employees, but you may send a small team or even attend meetings. This breakdown is also a useful starting point for these situations.

1. International Flights

Of course, the cost of flights to China will vary greatly depending on your location and time of year. For the lower end, we assume that your company will choose to save money and send employees to use economy class tickets, and calculate the round-trip price range for each English speaking country. For the high-end market, we consider the cost of business class tickets from these countries.

Cost: $1400 - $4100.

2. Train or domestic flight

The flight rates given above are for international flights from your country to China. You may also need to travel in China to meet different business partners or visit different factories. Rail and air travel are the two best options. In China, long-distance travel by road is cheaper, but the comfort is much lower (which is also dangerous in terms of travel safety), so we do not recommend using it in business travel.

In general, China's railway network is extremely modern, with fast trains and huge stations, and it is expanding. If you travel between cities, you can use the latest types of trains: Gaotie and dongche. In most cases, the price of these aircraft is actually comparable to domestic air travel. Of course, railway travel is slower, but air travel in China always has a high risk of delay. In China, trains are usually reliable. In general, we tend to say that China's rail and air travel are usually comparable in terms of price and convenience.

We have calculated the cost of internal rail and air travel based on an average inter city travel cost of $90 and given the range of such trips from one to five.

Cost: $90 to $450.

3. Taxi

Once your employees come to China, taxis are likely to be the best choice for meetings and factories. Avoid using unmarked "informal" taxis and always make sure to use a meter (otherwise, the trip is illegal). It is highly recommended to print out the address to show to the taxi driver, and you should certainly not expect the driver to speak English, even for Chinese names with an English accent. Temporary local staff will be very useful for navigation problems!

The cost of taxis varies greatly between different cities in China. In low-end cities, the starting price may be around $1.50, and then $0.25 per kilometer. In larger cities, the starting price is about $2.30, or about $0.50 per kilometer. These are rough prices at the time of writing (2013). Make sure you have a general understanding of the exchange rate between currency and RMB so that you will find any piracy attempts.

In order to calculate the local travel cost of taxis, we assume that the taxi travel range for short trips is 8 to 15 trips, each trip is between 2 to 10 kilometers, and the price range is given above.

Cost: $15 to $75.

4、 Car rental driver

To visit factories that are inaccessible to urban Taxis, renting cars and drivers may be a good option. We do not recommend that you provide informal long-distance taxi services for this, because you will never be able to determine exactly what you have learned (literally and figuratively). The cost of car rental and local drivers is at least $120 per day. We use this time and three to seven days of travel to calculate the cost range for cars and drivers.

Cost: $360 to $840

5. Residence

As with many other expenses, accommodation expenses vary greatly in different regions of China. Of course, different quality levels have different costs. Reasonable accommodation costs a minimum of about $100 per night and a higher level of accommodation a minimum of $300 per night. Higher quality accommodation is available across the country, but we have used these reasonable price ranges and three to seven day trips to calculate the cost of accommodation.

Cost: $300 - $2100.

6. Local recruitment

We've talked a lot about hiring temporary local people, because it's usually a very wise choice. Local staff can help with language issues and navigation, and avoid being pulled off or otherwise misled when travelling in China. Acquiring this knowledge for yourself or your employees will take a lot of time and money, so hiring local employees is often a viable option.

Similarly, the cost will vary greatly depending on location and requirements. Hire a recent college graduate with appropriate English skills to accompany your employee as an informal assistant at a cost of approximately $70 per working day. More official translations or guides will cost more. We continue to use the above three to seven day travel duration to calculate the cost of employing an informal local assistant for business travel.

Cost: $210 to $770

7. Medical treatment

Depending on the destination of your travel in China and the health care system in your country, you will be responsible for various preparation medical expenses. All kinds of vaccinations are required to travel to any part of China, which may include vaccinations against hepatitis A and B, rabies, malaria, typhoid, tetanus and yellow fever. If your home country provides travel vaccinations as part of its national health care system, the cost will be small or even nonexistent. Otherwise, vaccination costs about $40.

In addition, it is recommended that you purchase all kinds of essential drugs before you go to China, so as to avoid any problems in finding or purchasing any essential drugs after you arrive here. We estimate the cost of these equipment to be about $30.

Cost: $30 to $310.

8. Insurance

If your general policy includes business travel or employee medical insurance to cover you abroad, it may not be a problem for your company. If not, a separate business travel policy will be required to cover the situation of your employees in China. China is usually classified as a more expensive area for business travel insurance, of course, the price of the insurance will vary depending on the coverage and the details of the relevant insurers.

Cost: $60 to $130.

9. Other expenses

In addition to the core and predictable expenses listed above, employees traveling in China will certainly have many other expenses. If employees are willing to eat like locals, they can buy food cheaply, but familiar food can be much more expensive. Other kinds of daily expenses are inevitable. When we travel a person for three to seven days, we make a rough estimate of $20 to $50 a day.

Cost: $60 to $350.

Estimated total cost

Based on the above estimates, the total cost of three to seven days for a single person to and from China is approximately $2510 to $9250. For all the estimates we use, we try to keep them at a low level - it's no surprise that a real business trip in China costs more than that. If your company lacks experience in arranging such visits, the first visit to China may be more expensive.

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