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How to query the registration types of Chinese companies

by · 6/16/2020, 2:11:03 AM

If you look at the business license of a Chinese company, you will see a field called "company registration form". Please note that we are talking about the Chinese term (company type – g ō ngs ī L è IX í ng) - you can translate it into English in many ways, including "company type" or "business type". The form of establishment of a Chinese enterprise will tell you which legal entity the enterprise is officially registered as. This may include terms such as "limited liability" and whether the company is a domestic or foreign company.

Check the company registration form on the business license of China

The business license of a Chinese company will set out its company registration form. If possible, we always recommend that you ask for a copy of the business license of a Chinese company that has business relations with you. This is a good way to view some basic information about the company.

The company registration form on the Chinese business license is as follows:

Of course, Chinese business license is written in Chinese mainland, because it is the only official language in mainland China.

Check the company registration form in the company's public records

If you do not want the company to know that you are studying them and therefore cannot obtain a copy of their business license, you can search their public registration records online. If you have checked the copy of the company's business license, we still recommend that you check the public records to confirm the information obtained.

To view the public registration records of Chinese companies, you need to find out which province they are registered in and visit the AIC website in that province. On the website, you can use the company's registered Chinese name to search the company's registration record. You can then find records in Chinese, including company forms.

It is important to note that the public records provided by each AIC to the public are not necessarily 100% up-to-date and reliable in all cases. In most cases, public records are accurate and have no problems, but AIC may update them very slowly. The only way to ensure that you see the latest and most accurate information is to send Chinese lawyers to AIC office in person and retrieve the records in hard copy. Only Chinese lawyers are allowed to make this request and therefore their services are required.

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