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Verification of Chinese suppliers requires three steps

Verification of Chinese suppliers requires three steps

by · 7/9/2020, 7:10:44 AM

As more and more companies seek sources of supply from Chinese companies, the issue of verifying Chinese suppliers becomes increasingly important. Verifying the situation of Chinese companies is what our Get China Credit does, so today we can share some of our knowledge about how this type of verification is performed.

First of all, with some knowledge of Chinese and a basic understanding of the operation of the Chinese business registration system, you can check whether any company, supplier or others in China are officially registered. You can then use the information provided by the supplier to confirm your registration information. We use three steps to explain the process steps for obtaining registration information, but please be aware that scammers and fraudsters are likely to try to pretend to be legitimate companies in order to fool inadvertent buyers. In this case, the supply Business verification, there is a real company behind the query. In some cases, this type of fraud can be determined by verifying the details on the business license and obtaining official registration records. Some careless scammers may simply change the real business license digitally, which is the most common. In order to avoid being deceived, it is best to try the company’s legal channels of contact, such as through their website or transaction publications, using official Chinese supplier verification, we will describe how to verify the official registration details of the Chinese company, but please remember this It is just a step, in what process should Chinese suppliers be thoroughly verified, inspected and tested. The process here is only to avoid illegal, unregistered companies and scams.

The second is to visit the supplier's production site and conduct appropriate inspections. Determine the Chinese business name of the supplier, because the official language of China is Chinese, and all business registrations are done in Chinese. In 99% of cases, the English name of a Chinese company is not an official name, nor is it registered in any way-this is just an arbitrary name they choose for themselves. Therefore, it is very necessary to use Chinese names for Chinese verification. It should not be difficult to obtain the Chinese name of the supplier. Apply for a business license, which will display their Chinese name. If you are not currently in contact with the supplier, their website will almost certainly display their official Chinese name.

Finally, find the relevant AIC for supplier registration. If you have a Chinese name for the supplier, you can use the name to identify the local government office that archives its records. The company name in China always includes the place of registration of the company, whether it is at the national, provincial, municipal or township level. The bureau that handles these registrations in each region is called the Administration for Industry and Commerce. You need to use the name of the supplier to find the relevant AIC website online by searching. You can put your commonly used web search skills here, but some useful search terms can be tried as follows: [Chinese location name] + AIC [location Chinese name] + 红盾, it is very important to find a suitable AIC website for a specific supplier Because it will only be registered with the company. The Industry and Commerce Bureau does not hold the registration records of companies outside its jurisdiction. Obtaining the supplier's registration record With the Chinese name of the supplier, and finding the website of the relevant business registration center, you can search the company's official registration record. Even with knowledge of Chinese, it can be a little tricky to actually find the search function on the AIC website, because their design rarely takes into account user-friendliness. Retain the word "enterprise information" and any similar words, you should be able to find the company search function. When searching, please use a complete and accurate Chinese name, because many AIC websites and search functions are poorly designed, and they usually will not accept anything other than the full name listed in the record. Don't be surprised if the internet explorer is needed on the AIC website. As we said, the design of the AIC website rarely takes into account the needs of users! If your search is successful, you will see the official registration record of the supplier. You can then use this to confirm the details they gave you, confirm their business license, and try to determine if you are really in contact with the company.

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