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Why do we need to verify Chinese companies

Why do we need to verify Chinese companies

by · 7/10/2020, 2:18:03 AM

Why do we need to verify Chinese companies? This is important to prevent you from getting into a scam or doing business with illegal companies.

If you want to do business with Chinese suppliers or customers, please pay attention to the following points. :

1. Is the company officially registered with the Chinese government?
2. Does the person you contact have the right to make decisions and sign legal documents?
3. Does the company have a history of court cases, tax violations or administrative penalties?
4. Does the company have the right license and trademark?
5. Is the company classified as dishonest?
6. Does the company have import and export experience?

Today, Get China Credit teaches you a few simple ways to verify Chinese companies;

The first kind: inquire in the local administration for Industry and commerce.

Generally speaking, you search the words "XX enterprise information query", "XX" refers to the location. For example, "Shenzhen enterprise information query", the first or two consecutive websites are regular business administration websites, on which the qualifications of local companies can be found.

The second is to check the company's word of mouth.

Internet search is to search for the names and abbreviations of relevant companies, as well as the information they use for promotion, so that they can make more support for their own judgment.

The third way is to judge through communication with the other party.

This requires you to have a higher language skills and analytical judgment ability, and need to work on the content and work environment of all aspects need to understand, it is best to prepare some questions, through the other party's answer to judge true or false.

Of course, it's important to simply verify the company's method above. It's also important to check the company's directors and shareholders, as well as the company's official licenses, certificates and trademarks. In China, most companies are legal and can be good long-term business partners. However, when you make your first deal with a new supplier or customer, you need to make sure that the business partner is reliable.

We recommend that you conduct appropriate due diligence on all China business projects. Get China Credit can help you quickly and reliably check whether a Chinese company is officially registered. In addition to the formal company registration, we can also check other important details, such as legal representative, directors, shareholders, official address, company trademark, etc.

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Wholly foreign-owned Chinese company registration
Wholly foreign-owned Chinese company registration
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