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How to check when and where a Chinese company is registered

How to check when and where a Chinese company is registered

by · 7/13/2020, 3:26:41 AM

Finding when and where to register a Chinese company is the basic process for checking whether they are a legitimate company. Under the following circumstances: This type of simple inspection may be a very simple way to find risks:

1. The company is not registered in the city or province they claim

2. If they claim that the company has been operating, the company will not be registered

3. The registration time of the company clearly raised doubts about their development level

The difficulty in determining company registration is that you need to know in which province they are registered before you can view their records. In fact, you only need to let them show their business license (you should know-these checks are very normal). Otherwise, you may have to do some additional research to clarify where to register.

Let them show the company business license

Like the basic inspections carried out by many Chinese companies, the first step is to obtain a copy of their business license. As we mentioned above, don’t worry about requesting a copy of the company’s business license: this is a very normal, reasonable, and legal requirement. We often emphasize this point here, because requesting a copy of a business license is a very simple way to quickly determine the basic situation of a company. At the very least, if a company is having trouble showing a copy of their business license, this will immediately indicate that the company may have a problem.

The business license will tell you when and where the Chinese company is registered. There are two fields above the business license. The Chinese name on the business license is actually "登记机构" (Registring Authority – Dēngjì Jīguān). Unlike other field names, it is an office given in the form of a stamp at the time of registration.

The registration time (not the same as the establishment time) is the first time on the right. This is called the "business period" on the business license (营业期限-Yíngyè Qīxiàn). Although this sounds like it refers to the company's entire business hours, it actually refers to the validity period of the business license. This company may have a business license in the past, and hope to have more in the future. You can compare the "business period" and "establishment time" to see if this is the company's first business license.

Take a look at the company's public registration records

The next step is to find the company's announcement record. Therefore, you must visit the official website of the Industry and Commerce Bureau in the region where the company is registered. You can identify this area based on the "Registration Authority" section of the business license. Each province has its own independent AIC, and they work in different ways.

On the website of the Administration for Industry and Commerce, you can search for the company using the company's Chinese name (shown on the business license). There is no way to search in English, because the officially registered names of Chinese companies are all in Chinese. In addition, AIC may be very picky about search terms-sometimes it must be entered completely, otherwise no records will be returned. After you find the company's public registration record, you can use it to confirm the information on the business license you provided. It must be noted that in some cases, public registration records may expire, because the registry will be gradually updated within its own time. To obtain a new registration record, you must go to the Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau through a lawyer to retrieve the paper copy.

An easy way to find when and where Chinese companies are registered

If all this seems too time-consuming, you might consider ordering a China company verification reports. Our company verification report includes identifying where and when Chinese companies are registered and translating and interpreting the entire contents of their Chinese business licenses. All of this information is very useful information for evaluating Chinese companies.

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