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How can I find a good supplier in China?

How can I find a good supplier in China?

by · 7/15/2020, 2:01:49 AM

Suppose you come up with an idea for a product, or you think you have certain products in a market channel, and you want to find a supplier in China because of low-cost product development and low-cost production. If you use Google search, you will find a large number of Chinese suppliers/manufacturers. But you still think you are not, because you want to find a capable and reliable person to meet your special needs and want to do business with you. Many people are disappointed that they have been communicating with Chinese suppliers for several months, but they have not moved forward. The reason may be that they did not find the right person at first. In order to find the right Chinese supplier, you need to develop a strategy.

1. Understand your needs

You first need to know how to classify information. Here are some categories that can help you consider Chinese suppliers: manufacturers and third-party suppliers; large and small family businesses; third-party suppliers with in-house product development capabilities and third-party suppliers with only purchases and sales; vertical integration Manufacturers and assembly manufacturers; etc. The correct classification will help you understand your needs. For example, if you need to import products within a narrow range, you can choose a manufacturer rather than a third-party supplier. If you are a small business, you may want to establish a good relationship with a small family business

2. Do some preliminary web-based research and further develop the category system according to your specific needs.

Create a data table to help you record search results so that you can complete your work more efficiently. The form should include company name, contact person, size and business scope.

3. Use a search engine to search for information about your product name

The top 100 results will be the most relevant website for your product. You can also find information about your competitors to better understand market segmentation and marketing channels.

4. Use trusted b2b websites or popular corporate directory websites to obtain information for Chinese suppliers

The well-known b2b website is a good choice for providing effective information to thousands of suppliers. Be sure to use local websites, such as Alibaba, where you can find and respond quickly to Chinese suppliers. Directory sites are also the best resource for obtaining industry knowledge.

5. An easy way to find when and where Chinese companies are registered

If all this seems too time-consuming, you can consider ordering a verification report from a Chinese company. Our company verification report includes determining where Chinese companies are registered, when to register, and translating and interpreting the entire contents of their Chinese business licenses. All of this information is very useful information for evaluating Chinese companies.

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