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Nine practical documents will help you verify Chinese companies

Nine practical documents will help you verify Chinese companies

by · 7/17/2020, 2:33:04 AM

Before doing business in China, it is important to deal with legally registered companies, which is very important, but what can you do?

Visiting Chinese factories around the world is a very time-consuming and expensive process, so suppliers provide and check documents is a better choice.

This type of certification for Chinese enterprise qualifications is convenient and economical, giving you a clearer picture of the operation of the enterprise.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of nine documents that can be used to verify Chinese companies.

Verification of Chinese company documents

1. Business License

In China, all key documents for due diligence start with a business license. If the Chinese company cannot provide this copy, please leave. If yes, please check.

2 Bank account verification

When you pay a Chinese supplier, make sure to pay at least in your business account. This is a minimum precaution. You may need to apply for a bank account certificate, but be careful. Either way, you can confirm this.

3. Tax registration

Regardless of turnover, all Chinese companies must register VAT in taxable transactions. Therefore, all Chinese suppliers should present a valid tax registration certificate.

4. Organization/Enterprise Code

In addition to the business license, all Chinese companies will also have an organization code to prove that they are officially registered with the government.

5. Foreign trade registration

In China, foreign trade registration and import and export licenses may be confused. Companies wishing to engage in foreign trade must be registered in the Organization’s foreign trade, and each transaction must obtain an import and export license.

6.iso certification

If necessary, please show iso9001 or iso14001 qualification certificate to your Chinese supplier. Similarly, if a Chinese company shows you this document, it should be verified. You can even verify this certificate online.

Reviewing the scope of certification will tell you the services provided by the company, but be careful because it is generally not important in China.

7. Product test report

You must test the services provided by your supplier, and it is best to identify possible problems at multiple stages of the process. The supplier should be able to show you the product test report that you can verify before, but the key step may be to complete it independently.

8. Audit report

Chinese suppliers are required to review Chinese suppliers after making appointments with Chinese suppliers. Before conducting more general verifications based on financial audits, document certification should be considered as a basic verification.

9. Previous customer references

Like other things, references can be forged, but this does not mean that you should not ask for them. Any legal supplier in China should be able to provide references for previous customers. However, please be sure to check these contents with the relevant customers, otherwise they will be worthless.

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