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Can WHOIS queries verify Chinese companies?

Can WHOIS queries verify Chinese companies?

by · 7/21/2020, 2:00:45 AM

Through the inspection of suppliers, we noticed that various online publications and communities often recommend the use of Chinese WHOIS domain search to verify Chinese companies. I think it is a very interesting way and it is worth studying here.

What is WHOIS? How reliable is it to conduct a China WHOIS survey on a Chinese company?

Before we learn more about Chinese WHOIS queries and how useful they might be, it is necessary to explain what exactly WHOIS means. As the name suggests, WHOIS is a way to find people behind a specific Internet domain name for each domain name owner during registration, such as or baidu information registrant, and then store it in the WHOIS database. The WHOIS record will show the name, address, phone number and email address of the registrant (more information may be available).

How to operate the WHOIS query in China, there are also websites that provide WHOIS data for free.

Just search for "WHOIS lookup" or something similar and you will have many options. The most popular WHOIS search website may be that some websites provide basic information about registered domain names for free, and provide other services (such as viewing other Internet domain names owned by the registrant) as a fee-based service. Finding the details of a domain name registrant is always free and fast, but there seems to be a big bias for WHOIS searches, which we think is useless.

Is it useful to look up the Chinese WHOIS on the Chinese company website?

It seems that many people tend to use the Chinese WHOIS query as a way to obtain Chinese official records, but the idea that WHOIS search can really prove anything is wrong. The WHOIS record does not seem to confirm that the company is legitimate. In any case, it is necessary to use more appropriate records for better research. Domain name ≠ company. What WHOIS searches is that the domain name used by the company must be different from the company itself.

What we mean is that any company can register any available domain name at any time, and there is no restriction on domain name registration. A company may operate many different domain names for different purposes, or may not own any domain names at all. Because of these issues, it doesn't really make sense for a particular company to own or not own a network domain name (and how long this situation lasted). It cannot be used to confirm whether this company is legal. It also cannot be used to imply what might happen.

Of course, if some company domain names are only a few weeks or months, they should be considered suspicious, but it cannot be confirmed that this is true. A completely legal company may have recently decided to establish an online store (a mature Chinese factory is likely), or has already decided to switch domain names. In addition, someone may have registered the domain name of this company, but in fact they have nothing to do with this company, and thus carry out fraudulent activities.

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