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How do I buy wholesale goods from China

How do I buy wholesale goods from China?

by · 7/27/2020, 7:10:36 AM

Purchasing wholesale goods from China is a good way to save costs and may bring substantial discounts. However, you also want to not be deceived. Today, GetChinaCredit teaches you how to buy wholesale goods from China and get the highest quality at the lowest price.

1. Looking for a wholesaler? Go to Yiwu.

Wholesalers are located all over China. But if you are looking for a product for the export market, there is only one place to go-Yiwu. Yiwu is an ancient trading city in eastern Zhejiang, China. There are thousands of trading companies and wholesalers in this city.

2. Establish good relationship and contact with suppliers

Wholesale goods can get the best wholesale price. In addition to accepting large numbers of orders, the best-selling sellers also keep in touch with their suppliers. For the first time, the seller should really do this, because a good relationship between the seller and the supplier is indeed an important factor in any business. As a new seller, it is better to call them often.

3. Be reliable. In turn, the supplier will do its best to understand you and satisfy you as much as possible, so you will make them your supplier in the future. You and your supplier must rely on each other as much as possible.

4. Respect your suppliers. No matter what they do to you, you must consider why they did it and respect them. In fact, mutual understanding is very important, so you and your suppliers will maintain a good relationship in the near future.

5. Prepare funds. Because you want to buy from a supplier, you need to buy wholesale, and each order is about 1,000. Because you have to accept many orders, you must also prepare a warehouse to arrange logistics.

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