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How to find the right supplier on Alibaba

How to find the right supplier on Alibaba

by · 7/28/2020, 6:14:30 AM

Alibaba is the largest search engine for finding manufacturers and suppliers in China. All the products marked "Made in China" you see in the store can be found on Alibaba. Alibaba has thousands of suppliers. However, the problem is how to find a suitable supplier on Alibaba.

1. Know what you are looking for

First, you need to know what you are looking for. This sounds obvious, but, as mentioned earlier, there is a manufacturer for almost every product you can think of.

If you only search for broad search terms or vague product descriptions, you will have a long list of search results, which can take a long time to find.

If we search for "yoga mat", we will see more specific results, such as:

"Yoga mat environmental protection"

"Yoga Mat Bag"

"Yoga Mat 20mm"

So how do you know the exact search term you are looking for?

We can also narrow the search scope, for example:

"Waterproof Yoga Mat Organic Rubber"

"Waterproof and environmentally friendly yoga mat"

"Waterproof and tasteless yoga mat TPE"

You cannot include all search terms at once, because you can only enter up to 50 characters, and because the search is not as intuitive as Google, you may need to search multiple times with different words. For example, American and English spellings such as "tasteless" and "tasteless" will return different results.

However, by providing more specific search terms, you will get better results than more general search terms.

2. Review suppliers

When reviewing Alibaba suppliers (or any other suppliers), your goal is to understand what value they bring to your company.

You should have a system for evaluating, selecting, and re-evaluating suppliers related to your business.

Here are some tips on how to do this effectively.

How to verify company background

One of the best ways to check the company's background is to perform a visual inspection. You can ask them to provide the following:

Business license

Location of company or factory

Usage rights

Supplier business photos

Contact information

Certification of subsidiaries, partners or contractors

These things can be difficult to find (especially if the supplier is really a good fraudster). Almost everything will be perfect...but you won't find every detail listed above. After finishing, continue...

3. Contact the supplier

Of course, finding a good supplier is just the beginning. You need to contact them next. Before contacting them, please make sure you have the exact requirements for the product, because it is very important to be professional from the start and understand what you are talking about.

Also keep in mind that this is more than just getting the lowest price. The company you ultimately choose will become part of your business supply chain; you will rely on them to manufacture and ship products. Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with your suppliers is essential for a smoother experience.

in conclusion

Finding suppliers on Alibaba is not easy. But, when you find an excellent supplier and obtain high-quality products at a low price, it is undoubtedly very profitable.

In this article, we taught you everything you need to find the right supplier on Alibaba. From finding them, to reviewing them and communicating with them.

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