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How do I buy goods from China?

How do I buy goods from China?

by · 7/29/2020, 6:34:43 AM

When you want to buy goods from China, shop around. You can buy goods cheaply, so the profit margin will be higher. Due to the low manufacturing costs of Asian goods, China is one of the first countries to consider when wholesale goods. Teach you how to buy goods from China today!

1. Participate in the China Trade Fair

If you have the resources to visit China, participating in a trade fair is almost the best choice to find a reputable supplier. There are two main exhibitions to consider:

Canton Fair. It is held twice a year in Guangzhou, usually in April/May, and then in November. Guangzhou is one of the largest procurement fairs in the world. In fact, it is so large that it runs in three different stages, covering electronics, consumer products and home decoration. For dates and details, please visit the English version of the Canton Fair website.

Global Resources Trade Fair. Like the Canton Fair, many exhibitors also participated in the annual gst held in Hong Kong. This fair tends to focus on certain product categories, so if you want to buy electronics or fashion accessories, this may be the best way. Another attraction is the low language barrier. Unlike mainland China, almost everyone in Hong Kong speaks English, so it is easier to get around.

2. Purchase from China through the wholesale market

In China, it is worth going to the wholesale market, where you can browse many products at very low prices. For example, Yiwu is the largest wholesale market in the world. Unlike the trade fair, this is a physical store where you can check the goods and carry them, or ship them to a US warehouse.

The wholesale market is open all year round (except for Chinese holidays), so you don't have to wait until the fair to find a supplier. Goods are readily available, so you can accurately view the obtained goods and evaluate the quality of the products through physical inspection. Remember, you buy from a wholesaler, not from a manufacturer. But beware of all fake products and fake brands.

3. Find Chinese suppliers on the Internet

For small businesses that don't have the resources to fly to China, finding Chinese suppliers on the Internet is the next best way to order wholesale products directly from China. You can perform regular searches on suppliers on Alibaba, allowing you to easily get thousands of Chinese suppliers.

You can search for them just like using a search engine. Enter the name of the product you are looking for, and the catalog will display more information about the supplier's name, price, and minimum order.

Of course, if you find a supplier, you need other transaction steps; for example:

Request samples (most suppliers will send you product pictures or product catalogs for free)

The basic points of the order (the rule of thumb for importing goods from China is: specific)

Negotiate payment terms (make sure your order specifies payment terms)

Be prepared to pay the down payment (most suppliers expect you to pay some money first, usually around 30%)

Consider trade guarantees (Alibaba provides payment protection services called "trade guarantees")

Ready to ship (sea freight is five to six times cheaper than air freight)

Consider hiring a customs agent (it is recommended to hire a customs agent who can handle all these procedures for you)


If all this sounds easy, remember to pay attention to some pitfalls.

No matter where you meet a supplier, language barriers can make communication very difficult, and you must have a clear understanding of the goods you want to order. Ask, clarify, and reiterate all your points, and make sure you have agreed to everything in writing.

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