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Is there a search site for Chinese company registration details

Is there a search site for Chinese company registration details?

by · 7/30/2020, 6:30:32 AM

We are often asked whether there is a search site registered by Chinese companies, or whether we provide such a function. This kind of service is very common in other countries (such as CompaniesHouse in the UK). The good news is that China now has a national system, which we will introduce here.

Overview of Chinese company registration search

Before going into details, the following is a brief overview of the current status of Chinese company registration search:

English search service without company registration in Mainland China

There is a free national Chinese search site for searching company registration information. Since the end of 2016, it is now possible to search in all provinces

There is also a local company registration database system in various provinces of China, which can be searched in Chinese

Hong Kong provides an English search website for company registration

As you can see, this situation is not ideal for promoting business dealings with Chinese companies, because Chinese is required to find the registration information of Chinese companies.

This is one of the problems that the getchinacredit service must solve: we provide a convenient English version of Chinese company registration information.

Chinese company registration English search

As of 2017, the Chinese mainland government is still performing poorly in providing English registration information to the rest of the world. We believe that obtaining such information internationally will promote trade volume and business dealings with Chinese companies, but this service has not yet been implemented.

This may be partly because the official Chinese company name is always in Chinese, so business registration is only in Chinese.

This means that even if a Chinese company registration search site with an English interface is provided, users may still need Chinese knowledge to successfully search in the database.

In addition, even if the company registration record is found, the navigation and all company information are in Chinese, not English.

National Company Registration Inquiry System

In 2015, China completed the implementation of the long-awaited national company registration search website, and we noticed that the website was further improved at the end of 2016.

This website is called "National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System".

Since the second half of 2016, the system allows users to enter their official company name or company registration number to search for companies across the continent.

Despite the existence of a unified search system, we found that the information in the national system may be out of date because it seems to be updated less frequently than the records in each province.

For us, we are impressed that despite its flaws, China has implemented this system nationwide-remember that China is a big country with millions of companies. Comparing China with the EU is usually more meaningful than comparing it with any country.

Local AIC website

Another way to use the national website to check Chinese company registration online is to check each AIC locally provided website. Company registration in China is handled by AIC-State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

This is a local government office responsible for business registration in the area. There is an AIC in every province, city and major city in China, and a branch in smaller areas.

These local aic sites seem to be slowly deleting the local online database, and now clicking on their search links will usually take you to the national system.

Having said that, we still find the AIC local websites in Shenzhen and Hong Kong very useful, and in some cases, the information provided by these local systems may not be available from the national website, so it is worth a look-if you can be sure where If a company is registered with AIC.

Hong Kong Companies Registry

You may find that Hong Kong is completely different from Mainland China in terms of company registration.

English is the official language of Hong Kong, which means it is easier to understand company registration and company registration certificates.

One aspect is that Hong Kong’s registered search options are relatively developed, which is very useful for foreign companies because all information is provided in English.

ICRIS's web search center is the website you want, providing an English interface for company registration search. Unfortunately, this service is not provided in the mainland.

Passed the Chinese physical examination verification company

GetChinaCredit eliminates the complexity of Chinese company registration search.

In order to verify a Chinese company, what we need is their English name and some identifying information, such as their website address, and we will handle all the research for you. With the help of our report, you will get the information you need in English and process it quickly.

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