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What information can the China Annual Report provide?

What information can the China Annual Report provide?

by · 9/15/2020, 8:31:35 AM

This paper studies the information on China's annual declaration form publicly obtained by the Chinese government. Companies registered in mainland China must submit annual tax returns to the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) to report on the financial and current status of the business. For most companies, this information must be submitted by a registered Chinese tax accountant who has audited the company's account.

In China, the fiscal year is from January 1 to December 31, and the company must submit a report before June 30 of the following year. Otherwise, the company will be marked as a business exception until the problem is resolved. In addition to the financial status, the company must also report major changes to the company’s structure to shareholders, provide contact details and more information.

The information in the China Annual Report is obtained by accessing the company registration records (AIC) on the China National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System operated by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Depending on the company, the annual report records dating back to 2013 are usually available on the system.

The information contained in the China annual report is published by the company itself, and the AIC system points out that the company is responsible for the validity and legality of the information. The information provided includes:

Basic information specifies the basic registration and operating information of the company. It is useful for many people to find contact information and descriptions of the company's main business activities here. Whether there is a website, whether there is a stock, whether there is a company that changes the website information, declares any website, these websites will also be included in the annual income.

Website name type (website/online store) URL shareholder information should declare the detailed information of each shareholder at the end of the fiscal year (from left to right) number shareholder name company invested in other entities, declare these details. The name of the investment company is the registration number of the investment company. The financial status of the company. Although Chinese companies must submit financial information when submitting their annual reports, whether they publicly release the results of this information or not, few companies disclose financial data. According to our experience, less than 1%. If so, the numbers are always expressed in CNY.

The type of debt owed by the debtor to the main creditor The amount of debt owed to the main creditor The debt repayment period guarantee period The equity change in the form of the guarantee letter shall be declared and displayed here and any changes to the company’s shareholders (left to right) number shareholder holdings before the shareholder name The total part of the social security information on the date when the current shareholder’s shareholding changes, the number of employees the company paid for social security payments and the amount they should pay, agreed to pay, and paid. However, this information is usually not made publicly available. Employees with pension insurance Employees with medical insurance Employees with maternity insurance Employees with unemployment insurance Employees with work-related injury insurance Enterprise contribution base (minimum) Pension insurance contribution base Unemployment insurance contribution base Medical insurance contribution base Maternity insurance Payment base Actual payment base Pension insurance payment base Unemployment insurance payment base Medical insurance payment base Maternity insurance payment base payable pension insurance payment base (Left to right) Revised project revision date.

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