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5 ways to check Chinese certificates

5 ways to check Chinese certificates

by · 9/17/2020, 8:12:12 AM

Some Chinese companies generally use forged certificates, which has seriously damaged the reputation of most formal companies. This article introduces 5 tips to check whether the Chinese certificate is legal, so you can avoid those fraudulent companies.

Why check the Chinese certificate?

In our verification service, we found that many Chinese certificates provided to customers are illegal. Over the years, more than 20% of the certificates we verified are forged. Regrettably, some Chinese companies provide customers with One of the reasons why they use it less and less is that foreign companies often make mistakes, exchanging Chinese certificates for par value. Another point is that it is difficult for them to know how to verify the authenticity of the evidence.

The purpose of this article is to introduce techniques to help solve this problem.

The Chinese version of the certificate is legal, you must first determine what certificate you got (regardless of whether you require it). Certificates such as Chinese business licenses only contain Chinese characters, so they may not be as simple as you think. To verify the Chinese certificate, we recommend 5 methods:

1. Database query;

In most cases (usually the most useful certificate), the first step we take is to use the online database to find the details of the Chinese certificate. Fortunately, many Chinese registration and certification agencies have established and maintained the latest certificates. You can rest assured Find certificates and verification information. But the problem is that most of these resources need to be browsed in Chinese, and users are even prohibited from accessing overseas IP addresses! The online databases we often use include: National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System, trademark applications (including ISO9001, ISO14001, etc.) and product certification (including CCC certificates) CNAS, query accreditation institutions for Chinese laboratories, and query accreditation institutions for Hong Kong company registration and certification agencies ( Including ICRIS) Hong Kong company registration certificate, query the Taiwan company registration form of the Taiwan Ministry of Commerce Information System, even if the certificate can be found through the database, the certificate may still be forged. To ensure security, you need to carefully compare the data on the certificate with the data in the database. In this case, a company only changed the name on the actual business license, and even changed its own certificate to make it look like it was registered 10 years ago-for example, 2008 instead of 2018!

2. Contact the issuing bank;

Although the above-mentioned database has been issued, there are still many cases where online inspection is not possible. The best way is to directly contact the organization issuing the certificate. It cannot be verified by the database, ISO certification, and Chinese test reports outside of the Chinese certification system. The first step is to identify the issuer-looking at the certificate's logo and certification mark can help you-and find their contact information. Under normal circumstances, you can use Google to search, but if you only provide detailed information in Chinese, you may need help, and then you need to contact the company and get help to check whether the certificate is true. Finding the correct phone number or email address can be a huge challenge, especially when the organization restricts English.

3. Check;

One of the challenges is that it is actually more difficult to prove that the certificate is forged than to prove that it is genuine. If the detailed information of the Chinese certificate is not displayed in the database, the issuer cannot be found or contacted. This is a strong signal of forged certificate, but it may not be decisive. But one thing is that people who forge certificates often make mistakes. For example: the ISO certificate should include a certification scope, but sometimes we will find that the certification scope is missing or that the bill of lading that does not seem to be related to the service provided by the company is specified with the name of the ship, the port of delivery, the port of discharge, and the date, so You can use websites such as to check whether the container ship has actually traveled on this route that day. The test report claims that the test has been carried out in accordance with standards not included in the scope of the laboratory's accreditation.

4. Analysis of error level;

It is a more advanced technique, and we sometimes use it to determine certificates that have been improved by software like Photoshop. Whenever the certificate is saved in JPEG format, the compression process will cause some information to be lost-the error level. Therefore, the working principle of error level analysis is to determine that several parts of the certificate have changed, which strongly indicates that the certificate is forged.

5. Get the assistance of experts;

Because of obvious language problems and various technologies applicable to different certificates, the process of checking Chinese certificates is very difficult. Sometimes it takes a long time to perform certificate checks, and it may be difficult to determine whether the results are correct. Here, the Chinese certificate verification service is immeasurable. With our service, you only need to upload the Chinese certificate, place an order, and let us check. Its speed, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness.

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