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Glossary of Chinese business terms

Glossary of Chinese business terms

by · 10/2/2020, 12:05:56 AM

This article lists commonly used terms found in the scope of business in China (part of the mainland China business license). These business scope terms are usually the information contained in the verification report of a Chinese company.

Term Reminder for China Business Scope: If you want to find a specific term, please try to use the search function Chinese term and chemical raw materials for trade narcotics (excluding hazardous chemicals and precursor chemicals) to operate sales trade and transit trade counter trade and transit trade development (Supplementary Announcement for Specific Projects) For industrial projects (specified projects shall be declared separately), except for commodities under export license management, commodities and technologies that are not subject to export license management are restricted or prohibited by the country, the export of hoses is subject to Projects prohibited by laws, administrative regulations, and decisions of the State Council, except for restricted projects, are prohibited to operate. Except for items prohibited by laws and administrative regulations

After obtaining the prohibition of business operations stipulated by national laws and administrative regulations, you can engage in items restricted by laws and administrative regulations

Involving special review items, except for production and operations that are not approved

Items prohibited by laws and regulations

For the above-mentioned projects that require approval, relevant approvals must be obtained before operation.

Laws, administrative regulations, and regulations of the State Council, except for items that must be approved before registration, excluding restricted items, laws, administrative regulations, prohibitions stipulated by the State Council, and items that require pre-approved decisions, excluding laws, administrative regulations, and items approved by the State Council. Projects that require pre-approval, excluding projects that require administrative permission or approval, excluding professional, professional management, and monopoly products, excluding state-managed or franchised projects

Projects involving quota operation or special management must obtain relevant approval before operation. License operation For the above-mentioned projects that require administrative license review, relevant licenses or permits must be obtained before operation. If a business license is required for the above scope, the business license shall obtain the license related to the above business scope and the industry license during the operation period, and operate within the valid period. If the state has professional professional regulations, the valid period must be obtained before the valid period. For projects that require the above-mentioned administrative license, the relevant license or permit must be obtained within the validity period.

Operating general business items: general business items: hazardous chemicals operating hazardous chemicals in accordance with the license, must operate under the releva nt operating license import and export business (restricted after registration) import and export (must be registered with the relevant registration bureau before operating) Independently select business projects according to law and carry out business activities

Projects that must be approved in accordance with the law, and the contents approved by the relevant departments after approval by the relevant departments to carry out business activities

The city’s industrial policy prohibits and restricts business activities for projects. For items that require a license, the relevant license or permit must be obtained before operation.

Does not include items prohibited or restricted by urban industrial policies.

License the project:

Licensed business items: mechanical equipment and components (not to be processed at this address) mechanical equipment and components (not to be processed under this premise) only branch companies operate in accordance with the relevant national qualification standards, and sell metal products (rare metals) according to the relevant national qualification operations Excluding countries that sell metal products (except precious metals) for the above business items

Regarding license qualification certificates, other items that require administrative licenses to operate with valid certificates must obtain relevant licenses or permits within the validity period. The import and export of goods and technologies (except those prohibited by national laws and regulations) are restricted by the state or prohibited from import and export) can only be used on the production site after obtaining safety qualifications inspected by the fire department. Commodity and technology import and export business, but the state restricts enterprises to operate or prohibits the import and export of commodities and technologies, except for agents involved in the import and export of various commodities and technologies, does not include import and export commodities and technologies. The country prohibits or restricts exports. Hong Kong company-no business scope, Hong Kong registered company has no requirement to define its business scope.

If you have difficulty understanding the meaning of the terms used in the business scope of the Chinese business license, please leave a comment below or contact us by SMS to verify the Chinese company ?

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